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 Wanted Classes (Updated 07/13/08)

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PostSubject: Wanted Classes (Updated 07/13/08)   Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:06 am

Don't apply if u got karazhan gear. We are looking for people with better gear

Hunter: Closed(0)

: Closed(0)

Priest(Shadow): Average(2)

Shaman(Enhacentment): Low(1)

Mage: low(1)

Warrior(Protection): Closed(0)
Warrior(DPS): Closed(0)

Paladin (Holy): Closed(0)
Paladin (Retri): Low(1)
Paladin (Prot): Closed(0)

Druid(Restoration): Low(1)
Druid(Feral): Low(1)

High - Means we are interested into recruiting this class
Average - There are spots opened we want to fill
Low - We can live without recruiting this class. Altho top application can still go through
Closed - No need to apply. There is just no room.

Every application will be taken into consideration. You have a slim chance still even if the current reqruitment is on close if you are exactly what we are looking for.
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Wanted Classes (Updated 07/13/08)
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