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 Matixorz - resto druid

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PostSubject: Matixorz - resto druid   Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:16 am

Spoken languages:English and Romanian

Character name:
Server name:The Maelstorm
Playing Time of this character:60d 33d @ 70
Class: Druid
Professions:Enchanting and i just unlearned mining .ill get alch instead of mining for the trinket.
Rare recipes/formulas/schematics:I have only 301 enchanting but np , ill skill it fast to 375 .atm i only got the 12 def /cloak recipe.

Character Profile (Armoury Link):
This week ill get new neck (almost exalted with shattered sun offensive ) , new offhand(19000/21000revered with CE) and new ring from badge vendor.


Unbuffed Fire:0
Unbuffed Nature:10
Unbuffed Arcane:0
Unbuffed Shadow:Ill buy the SR sets from LW.
Unbuffed Frost:0

Other Information:

We raid on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 16:45 - 23:00/23:30. Which of these days can you raid?

I can attend in all of the raids, but might miss one or two now and then if I have something urgent to attend, but I will inform you guys about it before hand. I can also attend on non scheduled events if you have them

Please list any previous guilds you have been in and reasons for leaving them:

Shades of Despair - i had some irl problems and i couldnt play few days.
What's your raiding experience (Please put the amount of boss you have killed in each instance or Cleared/ Not Done):

- Karazhan:Cleared
- Gruuls Lair:Cleared
- Magtheridon?s Lair: Cleared
- Zul?aman:Cleared
- Serpentshrine Cavern:3/6
- Tempest Keep:2/4
- Mount Hyjal:1/5
- Black Temple:0/9
- Sunwell Plateau:0

Are you willing to re-spec if we ask you to?
Sure.i have some nice feral gear too.
Do you have a working microphone and will you use it during raids?
I have both, tough my usage of microphone scales well with the alcohol level of my blood
Do you have any friends in Mortifere?
Only Mijimjamz .sorry if i missed some1 .
Why do you want to join Mortifere?
Because I am not looking completely hardcore raiding guild and I have heard that you guys are easy going and bit more relaxed raiding guild. Also your raiding schedule seems to be fitting mine almost perfectly and you seem to be progressing fairly fast considering that you are not raiding every single day.
Anything else you would like to add?
I hope you guys give me the chance to prove my self. I know I wont be a dissapointment and I would bring skill and experience to raids. I am always prepared with elixirs/flasks/foods/bandages/repair cost money.PVP haven't interested me so much ever and thats why I am looking for a active raiding guild, but some people see me doing arenas/bg's now and then...
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PostSubject: Re: Matixorz - resto druid   Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:39 am

Your gemming is in my eyes weird to say the least, I don't know why you would want to gem for intellect, but I guess we'll discuss this in an closed part of the forum and then get back to you.
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Matixorz - resto druid
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